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Roller Doors
Roller Door are delighted to introduce a new range of high performance aluminium
roller garage doors. Manufactured to the highest standards, they are designed to stylishly enhance the
appearance of your home and provide maximum levels of security to your property
All doors are made to measure and provide the following benefits
•Convenient remote control access as standard
•Smooth opening and closing at the press of a button
•Excellent thermal & sound insulation
•Automatic door locking on closure
•More width and headroom is gained when original up and over timber frame is removed
•No out-swing increases space at the front of the garage for your car
•Photo-electric safety device
•Low maintenance - never needs painting

With the benefit of our superb remote control system, gone are the days of having to reluctantly get out of your car to
struggle with the garage door when the heavens are opening or the wind is trying to knock you off your feet. By using
one of the two stylish compact handsets with key fob we supply with each unit, you can now open and close the garage
door without having to leave the warmth and comfort of your vehicle!
Optional extras, including outputs for the connection of a separate 240 volt courtesy light as well as an internal push
button or key switch, are also available.


A superb, standard safety feature of our roller doors is the inclusion of an integrated, infra-red photo electric safety beam
which enables the door to stop automatically and return it to the open position should an unwanted obstruction be
detected in the zone of the doors path. This feature, a distinct advantage over other bottom rail safety devices, works by
detecting the obstruction before it touches the door, thus preventing possible damage to the unit, or injury.


In the unfortunate event of a power failure operating the door is not a problem as it can easily be opened from inside the
garage by using a manual winding handle. Should there be no other access into the garage, an optional extra external
manual winding system is also available.


Our surface finishes are available in a wide selection of colours to beautifully complement your existing windows and
front door. Choose from ......