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Best Composite Decking On Market

With the coming of the decoration season, the market of WPC decking is also getting hotter.

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In the interview, reporters found that this market is also emerging more and more fashionable as other homes.See from the surface layer of wood floor, it is to compare flat crystal face, high glossy face, mirror surface is main, these wood floor surface is bright and clean, especially look in the place of good light to give a person a kind of room spacious. The grandeur of the ground.


This year some brands have also launched a piano paint series, which uses a special recipe for violin surface painting, allowing particles to be evenly sprayed on the floor surface, making the paint more saturated and luminous. Better waterproof performance.In addition, an effective antimicrobial and fungicidal agent is added to the paint, which contains nanometer antibacterial synthetic particles, and has the dual antibacterial effect of photocatalyst and silver ion at the same time.

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On the other hand, embossed surface with a strong three-dimensional sense, comfortable feet also become a popular consumer favorite another style, this year also appeared plume and alligator patterns. In the design of alligator grain surface completely changed the past use of wood grain surface stereotype, using a new and unique film pressing technology, the noble and fashionable crocodile leather surface features onto the panel, not only feel thicker foot.

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Also make the decorating effect of floor got further promotion.Imitating solid wood design is one of the greatest bright spots in this season’s flooring. According to the natural log pattern, it is specially carved into a hot pressed steel template, so that the surface of the floor after compacting and forming is completely consistent with the natural texture of the solid wood, which is concave and convex. Natural reality, obviously different from those not in accordance with solid wood texture suppression of the ordinary relief floor.

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At the same time, create a large area of the overall effect of the wood floor, the full performance of the elegant and delicate log and solid durable. Thus from the visual and tactile realization of the floor back to nature. Yi particularly appreciated this design, he believes that the price of wood flooring received the effect of solid wood flooring, is really two birds with one stone. In addition. Art flooring also began to emerge, it adopted a unique product structure technology, breaking through the traditional simple flooring process, can take the herringbone or staggered splicing, more can reflect personal taste and home charm…


In addition, the merchant’s design is also more and more for the consumer’s consideration, the reporter sees in the same color floor, unexpectedly has several colors and the pattern slightly different design. Later after the boss introduced this is the manufacturer’s professionals carefully designed, in order to achieve the true effect of the overall pattern, each tree has several different patterns of design patterns. Each pattern reflects the beauty of the pattern from a different angle.

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