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Building Materials And Roofing Materials Uk

Building Materials And Roofing Materials Uk
Reclaimed Building Materials
UK based Billingshurst Building and Roofing Suppliers (16th century building supplies) has one of the best stocks of Roofing tiles, Building bricks, Flooring timber, Garden Ornaments and Miscellaneous decorative items in Sussex, England and serves SE England.
We are a family firm serving the local, national and even international community for the last 15 years. We are constantly looking for the unusual. Being a small firm our overheads are low and so are our prices. We offer the broadest range of building product information for professional homebuilders and roofers meeting the needs of building professionals and homeowners with the finest products and unusual stock.
Reclaimed roofing materials include reclaimed roofing tiles, ridges. Gullies and valleys, handmade tiles, ridges, chimneys. Chimney pots, roofing slates, finials, and Horsham Stone.
New roofing materials include handmade clay and factory made clay roofing tiles, ridges and roofing lead. We offer many major brands of roofing materials.
Building consists reclaimed building materials and new building products. Reclaimed building materials include hand made and machine made new and old bricks, York stone paving, oak flooring, old beams, edging stones, garden statues,street lamps, flagstones, architectural salvage in old bricks, reclaimed flooring tiles quarry tiles and old pavers, beams and chimneys.
New building supplies include bricks, pavers, Indian Sandstone paving, marble fountains, timber doors, oak gazebos, granite sets, rockery stone. We can supply most types of new brick and can make any fancy shapes to order. Also decorative bricks and specials with varies shapes and designs including numbers, dates,airbricks, pictures, many post tops and plaques. We dedicated to offering the best floor covering solutions. Our flooring is available in a multitude of finishes, styles, textures, and colors to suit every taste and complement any dcor.
Garden ornaments include new marble fountains, clay pots, chimney and ceramic patio warmers. Recovered garden items include marble statues, marble fountains and street lamps.
We also offer join the mailing list as we want to help you find building, roofing or ornamental products. We are continually updating and adding to our ranges, particularly within the building market, therefore, should you be unable to find a product to suit your requirements on our site please contact us.Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you.


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