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Caring For Outdoor Furniture

Caring For Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture has come a long way. The choices and the styles are endless – from budget to top of the line expensive. Whichever you choose you can keep it looking good for years to come with just a few easy tips.
Plastic patio furniture
This is the most economical of all outdoor furniture. It is easy to replace and durable if you have kids or pets.
The best way to maintain this type of furniture is cleaning it with a 3 – to – 1 solution of water and Clorox. If you plan to use it for a few years then put it away from harsh sunshine when not in use and cover it with a plastic cover in the winter.
Wicker furniture
Whether it is Rattan or Bamboo, wicker is a softer made furniture. Cleaning should include using a slightly damp cloth and mild soap. Make sure to clean the wicker on a warm day to speed up the drying process. It is important to let it dry completely before using it so it will retain its design. To help it stay new looking you can apply a light coat of varnish once a year.
Aluminium furniture
This is a good rust free material. However aluminium will dent easy when moving it so take care in transporting. Wiping down the furniture will keep it looking good. If is is a painted aluminium you may need to repaint every few years.
Wooden furniture
Redwood will be a good choice if you need a tough outdoor wood. This wood has a natural look. Just wipe clean with a dry cloth. Redwood will give you years of use without rotting.
Teak wood is also a great wood for outdoors. The natural oils in the wood help it to stay maintained. After years of use you may need to apply a coat of stain.
Other outdoor woods will need lots of care if you want to make them last. Extreme sun and cold will make the wood brittle. Coat it with a varnish that has a sun block (which will add years to the wood) or look for a good wood preserving stain like Cuprinol.
Regardless of your choice of materials, from rattan furniture to Aluminium; lawn furniture will remain looking it’s best for years with the proper care. If you invest a good bit of money in your furniture then you want to take the time to keep it looking good. And, if all else fails, just use the plastic weather covers!

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