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Clear the Air for Laminate Floor Installation

Clear the Air for Laminate Floor Installation
Hardwood looks too traditional for you? Are you looking for an alternative? How good would it be if you could select flooring, which looks better than wood, but costs less? Would you like to switch for laminate flooring? Yes, laminates are very cool looking and can blend with any sort of interiors. They are much preferred in many offices and commercial places as well, due to their robust usage. Also, they are available in copious number of patterns and shades, thus giving no reason for anybody to not select laminate flooring. Though all this sounds so good, many people are still skeptical about choosing a laminate floor installation for their houses. This is an attempt to clear the air by answering some of the commonly and frequently asked questions. First things first; to know what exactly is a laminate floor? It is an amalgamated floor made out of several layers of thin sheets. Each of these layers has a specific function like sound suppressing layer, moisture resistant layer, shock absorption layer and last layer serves the decoration purposes. So, when these layers are analyzed individually, one can understand that there are several advantages of laminate flooring installs, when compared to the hardwood or carpet floorings. The second most certain question is about the cost. Laminate floor installs are considerably cheaper and are manufactured by many companies. So, there are various types of laminate flooring installations in the market. Each brand is famous for a particular model and pattern of laminates. Normally, laminate floor installing will cost about $3 per square foot. The latest trend in this sector is the introduction of easy laminate tiles, which can be fixed as if it were a puzzle played by children. There are other types of laminates as well, which can be fixed by an individual. Moreover, these days, many people have all the required tools and equipment that are useful in installing a laminate floor. However, for a neat and perfect fitting, an expert will be needed. If one would venture to put the laminate floors without any help, it would take at least 2 to 3 days for installing them in the entire house. On the other hand, a professional installer might finish the job in less than 2 days. The next doubt regarding laminates is about their functionality. Laminate floor installations can be put up everywhere in the house, including in the kitchen and bathroom. With the water resistant layer over the surface, the laminates pose no danger whatsoever. There are certain laminates that can be used even for patios and decks as well. Laminate floors are made of oak, domestic woods and mahogany. Lately, laminates made of bamboo have also picked up great demand in Toronto. The maintenance efforts for the laminate floor installations are not as much as compared to carpet floors. They can be cleaned with wet mops and regular brooms. Nonetheless, one must make sure that the top surface of laminates are coated with a special varnish every 3 or 4 years to keep the glossy look of the floors intact.
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