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Eco friendly green buildings

Wood plastic composites (WPC) is new types matearils be accepted by many countries in the world. Eco friendly green buildings. It is made of PP. PE. PVC or
recycling waste plastic and sawn wood,straw, rice husk, corn stalks and other waster synthes. In addition, Wpc also contains a small amount of interface compatibility agents, stabilizers and processing lubricants environment. In order to meet some buyer requirements. Some products also contain small amount of toner. Through the technological formula for the special equipment for applied science mixing granulation or directly made various profiles extrusion molding process. So the raw materials all ECO friendly. That’s why called ECO-Friendly green buildings.

Wood plastic composite products dual characteristics of both wood and plastics. The use of waste can be as high as 95% in raw materials,not only can save a lot of valuable timber resources, and does not produce secondary pollution, protect the ecological environment, it is a kind of application is very extensive, ECO-friendly green buildings. development prospect is very board environmental protection new materials.

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