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eco wood decking prices

Ecological wood and wallpaper are developed in recent years, decoration materials , is also popular in the past few years , a lot of owners in the decoration decoration materials will be consulting with what the people around you , if you want to environmental, health , or if a lot of designers decoration companies usually recommend ecological wood and wallpaper , that in the end these two decoration materials What difference does it for their own situation , how to choose, and now Seven Trust ecological wood for similarities and differences of these two places decoration materials were simple analysis , to give you a clearer idea .

eco decking

eco wood decking prices

First: From the application in terms of ecological wood products wall , ceiling , floor , square wood , sun , acoustic panels , etc., can be widely used in home improvement , tooling , landscape , etc., but the wallpaper is mainly used in the wall decoration.

Second: the effect renovated in terms of ecological effects of wood products renovated styles : Classic , vintage, upscale atmosphere, but only reflect the modern wallpaper , rather monotonous , but ecological wood products to meet different consumers demand , the pursuit of individuation.

Third: in terms of the environmental and ecological wood is from about 60% to about 20% wood flour plus resin formulations and weather and other environmental aids made by high temperature foam, cooling stereotypes special production process in the production and the renovation process does not produce other gaseous pollutants , especially formaldehyde problem. The wallpaper pollution itself is very small , but in the mount of the process will be used in glue, produces formaldehyde gas , can not be admitted immediately after the general renovation , but with ecological wood product decoration, decoration can be finished Check .

Fourth: the installation concerned, one of the best features of ecological wood product is easy to install, whether wall , ceiling, floor , etc. as long as accompanied by the appropriate accessories, keel can be installed , usually in the purchase of the manufacturers will provide , and general carpentry will be installed , there is no question what skills . And when you install the wallpaper speed quickly, but the wall is relatively high , must be smooth, may lead to re-decoration , and ecological wood siding on the walls is no any requirement .

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Fifth : From the color side, Seven Trust ecological wood color choices , or more , there are 14 kinds of basic colors , there are three kinds of paint colors , there are four kinds of color transfer can also be based on customer demand to any palette However, aspects of the surface pattern is slightly inferior point. Wallpaper color is very rich , you can also do a lot of design , operability is very high.

Sixth: the price is concerned, in the building materials market, prices of wood products and wallpaper ecological differences are not very large, high-end , midrange and low-end market, regardless of size, color are considered relatively complete , according to their owners choose different levels of consumption goods , but the saying goes : you pay , consumers still have to be carefully considered , because out of the house after the renovation of their own lives , health and environmental protection is very important.

In the current market, building materials , eco- wood products and wallpaper are good decoration materials , Seven Trust as ecological wood manufacturers, decoration or strongly recommended when using ecological wood products.

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