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pvc deck flooring

First of all, there are different in the use of raw materials, pvc floor is also known as plastic flooring, stone floor, and other different names, the use of PVC is made of raw materials made of green floor materials. The rubber flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other ingredients made of high molecular material. Styrene butadiene, high benzene, butadiene rubber for the synthetic rubber, is attached to the oil products. Natural rubber refers to the artificially cultivated rubber tree to take down the rubber; because of its use of different materials, naturally the performance of their respective manifestations are also different.

pvc deck flooring

In fact, the two are also different in performance, pvc floor is a new type of ground material. Performance compared to the advantages of traditional flooring more; more wear-resistant, durable, longer life, better anti-skid performance, fire retardant, the protection of life and property safety. The floor after a special UV treatment, more wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, dirt, cleaning and cleaning easier on the maintenance.

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Then, PVC flooring and rubber flooring in the use is also different, the rubber floor is far from the field of PVC flooring applications, pvc floor is widely used, is used in commercial plaza, writing office buildings, kindergartens, schools, gymnasium , Factories and other places. But pvc floor is not very suitable for too humid environment.

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Finally, in appearance PVC flooring and rubber flooring is also different, pvc floor color is also very much, a variety of different colors to meet the different places of the parquet, the design needs. But also has a good impact, shock absorption, buffer protection of the human body. So that the foot feel more Shu; and rubber flooring is not so rich in color.

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