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The application of wood plastic products in the scenic landscape

WPC, also known as the “wood plastic”or “artificial wood”, English name “Wood Plastic Composites”, referred to as WPC, is a thermoplastic resin and the natural fiber with heat (such as rice husk, wheat straw, wood powder, bamboo powder etc.) after polymer modification, by mixing, extrusion of a composite material processing equipment a. WPC has faded from UV rays, slow erosion from insects and fungi; waterproof corrosion resistance, no cracking and decay; easy cutting, sawing and planing, drilling and fixed by screws; with natural wood texture; does not contain harmful ingredients to the human body, is friendly to the environment; fully The use of waste resources, reduce waste harmful to the environment; wood materials can be recycled products, is a kind of green product. The excellent properties of wood plastic composites with wood and plastic, so it is widely applied in all kinds of building facilities and landscape design, the production of furniture, such as outdoor terrace (the balcony floor), fence fence, railing, bridge decking, flower flower box, waterfront, pool guard board, the chair panel, corridor Pavilion, logo signs, billboards, house, bridge etc.; can also be used as decorative materials, such as cement, brick wall outside in the deck, landscaping and other steel surface appearance.

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1.1 wood plastic composite decking

WPC decking as the most common application, after ten years of development has been very mature.

According to the classification of the WPC cross-section profile; divided into solid and hollow decking, Solid decking compared to hollow decking, the former is greater; and the hollow decking using a hollow structure, small weight a lot. We also according to installation of the WPC, the plastic wood decking installation for fastening method and direct method two. Buckle method is fixed by a hook groove of the decking, so screw is not exposed, will not affect the appearance; the direct method is directly to the decking through the installation of screws fixed keel, this method is simple and convenient, the disadvantage is screw exposed, affect the appearance.

Wood plastic than traditional wood, has better corrosion resistance and is not easy to absorb the advantages of using long time that a wood floor is more suitable for use in outdoor than traditional wood floors.

1.2 Application of wood materials on the railing

Wood fence can be divided into two categories: high security fence guardrail. The guardrail guardrail and high safety in road, water and road safety requirements for high places, this kind of barrier must have very high impact strength. The fence guardrail is generally used in local flower beds or nursery. Just to play the role of decoration and beautification of safety, no special requirements.

1.3 Wood hut activities

Plastic wood composite material can be used in activities such as small hut. Booth wood production, can be used for roadside or Gong Yuandong public leisure; Pavilion can be placed in the park or road side, for visitors to rest. Wood activity cabin installation is very simple and quick, just a good thing to produce parts according to the drawings can be assembled.

1.4 Application of wood in the pavilion Gallery

Wood material built Pavilion Corridor project, is also a common application of wood material engineering, has been widely used in parks, public square and other public places. The pavilion Corridor Project for wood materials, structure design and construction installation method have very high demands.

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1.5 The application of wood products on the bridge

At present, the mechanical properties of ordinary wood materials are far from the structure of materials, so the use of wood materials have certain limitations.

1.6 Building exterior decoration

Wood materials can also be used for building exterior wall decoration, glass curtain wall of the sun.

Wood wall decoration can not only beautify the building, make the building more beautiful, but also can play the role of sun block UV, wood plastic material has lower heat transfer coefficient colleagues, use also has a role in the construction of energy-saving insulation wall.

1.7 Plastic wood products

The decking, guardrail and pavilion Gallery these requires the application of on-site installation, wood can also be made of various manufactured goods used directly, such as various types of chairs, flower boxes, billboards, street lamps and other wood products. These do not need to install or simple installation, you can use.

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