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The Five Main Problems Of Wood Plastic Sheet

The first problem is the high moisture content of wood plastic materials, wood materials are often 16-21% porosity, which leads to the easily broken, susceptible to microbial contamination damage. The solution is to maximize control and reduce the moisture content of wood fiber components, at the same time do not exceed the necessary production and manufacturing process of temperature and velocity.

Secondly, the antioxidant dosage is too low, causing the plastic sheet is easily oxidized, the surface easy to fall off. The solution is simple: adding antioxidants to the wood materials, the amount of oxidant is a critical reading of numerical plastic wood products induced by oxidation, read by differential thermal scanner test. Third hidden is made after wood materials this is the biggest problem appeared collapse, rapid cooling process, especially in the hollow plate. Solve the simple scheme, allowing the plastic sheet to have sufficient time placed in production workshop, cooling and contraction; there is no need, not high speed production of wood plastic sheet.


Fourth common problems are caused by the excessive grinding and lack of pigment products fade. Manufacturers can be reduced by grinding to deal with this problem. In addition, identify and add the necessary quantity of inorganic pigments, such as iron oxide.

Finally, the surface of many plastic sheet is too smooth is the most dangerous problem. In a humid environment, the plastic sheet is more slippery than ordinary wood, even under dry conditions too smooth. Suggest that producers can print on the surface of the sheet texture, to increase the traction force to change the plastic content, coating method professional companies to provide to help avoid this problem.

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