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The skill to lengthen life of WPC products

After one or two years usage, some WPC fence will become old and clumsy, but some still keep new even after ten years usage, so how this result come out? Many consumers will put the blame on the reason of quality problems on the handrail. In fact, this is not necessarily plastic wood railings quality problems. As long as understanding of wood plastic railings, and maintain it well in daily life, plastic wood railings can also make “longer survival”.

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It is forbidden to clean or wipe WPC railing with watery mops, because too much water will penetrate into the wood plastic railings layers, resulting in joint expansion, bulging, moldy, and even decay. Plastic wood railings must be cleaned by specific clean agency, try best to keep the mop dry. Clean dust firstly to avoid to scratches WPC.

If the WPC railings are wiped with clean water or not suitable detergent, the wood plastic railings will expand with damp and deformation. The cleaning agent remaining in wood plastic railings contains acid and alkali, which will corrode the solid wood fiber, lead to lower strength and reduce service life.

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