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The skill to purchase WPC floor with good quality

WPC floor is popular in recent years, compared to outdoor wood preservative floor, WPC cost is lower, maintenance-free and have good performance at anti-corrosion,acid resistance and pest resistance, besides the installation is simple, these advantages make its popular soon. For it is a new material, when select product for the first time,it is difficult to choose from various types. According to the use of wood products in recent years,products life of different quality WPC could be vary from a few months to 10 years, the difference is huge.


Now we use the most intuitive, the easiest way to tell you how to choose the right wooden floor.

Although the raw materials we can not see, but the finished plastic wood flooring could be checked. Provided we follow the following steps carefully to observe, you can learn to quickly distinguish good quality wood products.

1, see wood plastic floor side:

good quality wood flooring side is smooth and shiny shiny, there is a clear sense of oil without small cracks. Poor quality wood flooring side rough and shiny dim without sense of lubrication, some due to poor PE elongation crack.

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2, see wood plastic floor front:

good quality wood flooring front is smooth and shiny surface, small grain particles and uniform size. Poor quality wood flooring front is rough and shiny dim, wood powder particles large with different sizes, which cause uneven distribution. Dispaly two kind of floors together, the difference will be obvious.

3, see wood plastic floor section-cross:

Good quality wood-plastic floor section texture compact and shiny, wood flour particles small and evenly distributed. Poor quality wood plastic floor texture loose and shiny dim, wood powder particles larger with different sizes, which lead to uneven distribution, and wood fiber could be obviously seen.

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