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The wood plastic composite materials market

WPC (Wood-Plastic Compo, referred to as WPC) is the use of wood fiber (including wood powder or plant fiber) reinforced filling, modified materials of thermoplastic plastics, by extrusion or injection molding forming metal sheet, and other products, instead of wood or plastic, can be recycled waste plant fiber, wood in the processing of waste wood flour and used recycled plastic, thus to make full use of environment and resources, has the advantages of plastic and wood properties and cost. The wood fiber rich source, cheap, lightweight, less wear on the equipment, good dimensional stability, excellent electrical insulation, non-toxic, can be repeated Processing, biodegradable, wood fiber waste wood flour, wood shavings, sawdust, rice plant fiber rod, crushing the peanut shell, hemp, flax, coconut shell, thermoplastic plastics are mainly PE, PVC, PP, PS, ABS etc. in recent years, in addition to recycling resin, and the more the production factory to adopt new resin.

wpc Deck

1.1 WPC performance market and the world market WPC performance advantages including durability, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, anti moth, high dimensional stability, no crack, no warping, hardness higher than that of pure plastic, with the appearance and processing of natural wood similar, can be cut, with a nail Or bolt connection, can be painted. Especially in spite of its wood powder content is 40%~80%, but the outdoor durability more like plastic instead of wood, so although the purchase price is high, but can rely on low outdoor maintenance and long service life offset, high durability and low maintenance market will continue to promote WPC can the same growth.

Products like plastic extrusion process, does not need to be processed as timber as high cost, can be co extruded or composite surface layer processing. After 1998, the world WPC industry to maintain high an annual growth rate of 25%, the average content of wood is 50%, the United States of Connecticut, Norwalk Engaged in industrial research and market analysis of the business communications company (BCC) pointed out that the special report on the “plastic and wood fiber / natural fiber composite materials”, North America WPC industry not only is the world’s leading technology, and WPC applications and the largest market area, occupies the dominant position, the consumption in 2004 for 1000kt, 2009 will maintain an average annual the 9.5% increase in 2009, the total market will reach 1630kt.


North America WPC market accounts for about 85%. of the total world 1.1 European markets and trends in WPC processing is easy, economic, ecological reasonable, the main application areas of buildings Goods (deck, window frame, door, fence, railing, garden chairs), infrastructure (road board, quay of the harbour transportation industry (backing), tray, container, railway sleepers, motor vehicle roof) and daily necessities (shelves, desk, furniture, flower boxes).

North America (U.S., Canada) WPC technology, production, development and application in the world are the absolute leading position, which were accounted for half of the (700Kt) (350Kt), followed by the window system, about 70Kt, including deck, extrusion and roof panel systems window frame, wall panel products is the most important, accounting for about 80%. of total consumption in addition Application of railway sleeper, striking, and tray proportion decreased. The European WPC production and the market is far behind America, started late, but the British company Hackwell, the consulting report “in 2006 the European market of wood plastic composites” pointed out, there are signs that the high rate of development, the European WPC Market in North America WPC had the departure of the accelerated growth of European WPC. The largest user is the automotive industry, currently accounts for more than half of the total consumption of the building is the European WPC second application fields, although WPC furniture is very small, but the rotational molding WPC chair, WPC is expected to To get more market space in the application of highway insulation infrastructure.

In jection of WPC products is better than the commonly used natural materials, but also conducive to the reduction of petroleum based plastics dependence after.2004 years, Europe has become the WPC plate except the automobile industry’s fastest growing application products. The European market has been occupied and PVC frame tends to be saturated, so the future expansion of the application to enter new areas. More European WPC and American basic resin structure is different, PP accounted for 82%, PE10%, PVC8%. and PE were used as the wood powder recovery preparation plank with low cost, and Europe The application of WPC target for the automotive industry, such as application plank less.

WPC the use of wood fiber and plant fiber and renewable, and recycling of waste plastics, plus its cost and certain performance advantages, WPC has become a hot field and a new bright spot in the development of plastic industry, in late 1990s after the market has maintained a rapid growth rate, and expected future development prospects are generally optimistic.

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