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Wood plastic composite decking cleaning work

We should still relatively to wood to understand, but you know what we should do to him for cleaning? In order to better use of wood plastic composite decking cleaning is essential. But the point is that we should do what?

how to cleaning wpc decking

When we put the wood plastic composite decking, we can handle on the wood plastic composite decking of the residue with hot water and soap and brush hard. You can also use bleach to clean the dirt on the floor, if found to have oil on the floor, then we have to use the cleaning agent degreasing treatment. If wood on the floor there is rust and dirt, then we can use the phosphate detergent to clean up, he can put the stains were diluted, and we in him. We should also know that if we use the detergent rust, so the floor will have a white precipitate.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of wood plastic composite decking:

1 regular cleaning or sweeping the floor, to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects and scratch floor surface.

2 with a mop without dripping mop, using special wood plastic composite decking wax or oil care available; neutral.

3 local dirt cleaning agent, prohibited the use of acid, alkali or organic solvent such as gasoline solvent scrubbing.

4. avoid sharp metal, glass, ceramic, spikes and hard thing is to avoid dragging and scratch the floor.


5. should not be covered with impermeable material on the surface of the floor long moving furniture and heavy. It is prohibited to touch the floor or fire directly on the floor placed high power electric heater is placed on the floor; prohibited in strong acid And strong alkaline substances.

6. places such as paving is completed is not in use, should be regularly ventilation.

7. should avoid leakage of toilet, kitchen room water.

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