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wood plastic composite decking manufacturing process

Wood is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are composed of cellulose, which have high tensile strength, compressive strength of lignin is higher. The three elements of wood, not only has the elasticity, but also has high toughness. Therefore, the wood fiber material and plastic material mixed together, and then put it the special mould under high temperature and pressure, through special processing technology, will be closely integrated and form new WPC.

wood plastic composite decking manufacturing process

wood plastic composite decking manufacturing process

1 Raw materials of waste plastics: Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Plant straw: wood scraps, sawdust, straw, rice husk, rice husk powder, peanut shell, straw and other agricultural crops has the advantages of cost and performance characteristics of.

2. products of wood and plastic wood plastic composite board with two kinds of materials the product has the following characteristics:

2.1 products no paint, no environmental pollution, Recyclable reuse;

2.2 UV resistance, excellent weatherability, corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor, outdoor rain leisure, sports venues, close water landscape and other places;

2.3 according to user needs To the color palette, cleaning, and convenient maintenance;

2.4 moth, anti-corrosion, waterproof;

2.5 simple processing, any wood processing machinery can be up to

3.1; the extrusion molding process by single or twin screw extruder, continuous extrusion sheet of arbitrary length. This process can be divided into single and double extrusion composite extrusion plate, composite extrusion is a layer of pure plastic extrusion synchronization on the surface of the wood plate appearance, a plastic sheet used on special occasions.

wpc decking process

wood plastic composite flooring price

The key control process of wood plastic composite material is to prevent the plastic and sawdust mixing and forming process of the thermal degradation and coke burning sawdust as poor organic matter thermal stability Among them, the hemicellulose and lignin is easy to decompose, the presence of oxygen, 200 degrees Celsius is smoke color. Therefore, in the formulation and technology of wood plastic composite board, integrate wood powder and plastic resin interface is the key technology.

Continuous mixing manufacturing technology of wood plastic composite materials, using coupling technology, wood powder, wood and plastic combination, and using a continuous mixed high strength composite materials for smelting technology, due to the use of wood fiber as reinforcing material, product surface hardness, mechanical strength, insect resistant, waterproof, good dimensional stability.

process of making wood plastic composite

Compared with the traditional wood plastic composite board processing of wood processing and plastic processing technology has significant characteristics, production process of wood plastic composite board is the selection of wood powder after drying treatment, mixing, crushing the formula according to different use requirements, according to the requirements of sections processed by plastic extruder molding, and a Further processing into products, all kinds of wood fiber from scraps of wood, straw, rice husk and other processing, especially waste wood powder, sawdust, use of straw and other agricultural crops, is undoubtedly conducive to protection of the social environment, not only conducive to the human living environment, it is a reasonable use of Limited resources.

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