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wood-plastic composite fencing material

The new wood-plastic material is made of waste plastics and wood powder limbs, straw powder and other plant fibers as the main raw materials, processed by advanced technology, and the products can be recycled repeatedly.

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wood-plastic composite fencing material

From the point of view of wood plastic materials, wood plastic materials have good wood texture, moisture resistance, good color, thermal insulation and anti-corrosion mechanical properties, 10 times higher than pure wood materials, is a perfect substitute for natural wood.

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Products made from this material can be widely used in packaging, transportation, construction, gardening, interior decoration, furniture, vehicles and other fields. In addition to waste plastics, 50%~90% of the materials in 1 ton of wood plastic materials can be extracted from straw wood fiber. It can not only solve the problem of white plastic pollution from waste plastics, but also make the rural Kushuzhi branch the most complete. The use of plants such as straw increases the income of farmers and effectively reduces the high cost of natural wood used to export packaging materials in China.

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