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Wood plastic trails

The basis of wood plastic composite materials is polyester and wood fiber, determined its characteristics with plastic and wood, anti ultraviolet, good color performance, heat insulation, insulation, heat resistance, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, sawing, planing, can be nailed, wood, the material product easy processing, convenient manufacture, it is not easy deformation; mechanical properties superior to wood materials and other characteristics, and can be 100% recovery of reproduction, is the real green environmental protection product.
When choosing a surface for your trail, you will consider the following:
* User acceptance and satisfaction
* Accessibility
* Cost to purchase and install materials
* Cost of maintaining the surface
* Life expectancy
* Availability of material
Wood plastic trails become more and more popular due to its character for satisfied answer: gently looks, wood feeling, competitive price, easy installation, long life, recycled material.

Shanghai Seven Trust suppler you good material– wood plastic for your trails. Wood plastic trails will bring you into a wonderful environment, Shanghai Seven Trust will bring you a wonderful material.

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