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WPC Pool Decking

If you like the look of wooden decks but don’t want the added yearly maintenance, you might want to consider a new material, composite wood.

pool deck

Composite wood might be the perfect solution. This material looks like wood but is actually made from plastic-like synthetics.

Composite wood requires practically no maintenance at all. It won’t fade, splinter or rot even after consistent exposure to sun and water. Plus, the composite wood strongly resembles real wood in both look and feel.

woc decking pool

A variety of simulated wood types, in many different colors, are available.

These materials are made to look like wood but are made from a plastic-like material. They will never wear, fade or rot.

wpc pool decking

This is a very permanent wood style deck but more expensive than a wood deck because of the price of the polymer materials.

However, the lack of maintenance can help save money over time.

We can provide you with the best price and installation method.

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